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Wilson Danny

Ruby’s Golden Wedding

Danny Wilson, Meet Danny Wilson, 1987, Inglese, 3:11 min.

You belong in heaven, with all the other angels do you believe in angels?

I'll tell you angels believe in you Good morning misguided nights understood 

I'm on my knees before you just show me a ditch where a palace stood and I will still adore you 

I know you belong in another brilliant world where the skies are bluer than blue 

I know this song, is never going to change the world you remain an angel in my eyes you remain an angel in my eyes, so rest for weary wings and hang your halo high when

 I'm gone 

I hope you realize above all of the thing you arean angel in my eyes
I once heard you sing and i could not believe you sang like a hero now who is this bison who makes you behavelike Robert De Niro

 I know you belong in heaven you can stop pretending the hobbit is bigger than you
I know this song can maybe have a happy ending when 
I'm gone 

I hope you realize above all of the things you are an angel in my eyes one day soon 

I'll paint my wings on the wall of the saying old love will fade 

I stake my claim on the northern monastipa citizens hip oh ha 

I will wish you well, here's some summer music for an angel Well anyway thank you for pushing a smile my way you sang the same song on a different day 

And I know I was wrong to think that we could be together for sixty or seventy years but at least 

I believed we could make it up to here

You remain an angel in my eyes no rest for weary wings so hang your heavy halo high when
I'm gone 

I hope your realize above all of the things you areand the things you do, friends my come and gobut you will remain an angel in my eyes 

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Autore (Cognome Nome)Wilson Danny
Casa Editrice, cittàEMI Music Distribution
CollanaDanny Wilson
Anno Pubblicazione1987
Data dell'articolo19000101
FonteMeet Danny Wilson
Approfondimenti Onlinehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkDrIz4RyQo
Subtitolo in stampaDanny Wilson, Meet Danny Wilson, 1987, Inglese, 3:11 min.
Fonte da stampare
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Wilson Danny
Parole chiave: Ciclo di vita Innamoramento